Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Food "Crisis"?

So..the food "crisis" has got to a land of wealth and opulence - Great Britain.
Families are having to spend almost £800 more on their annual grocery bills as the highest rate of food inflation for a generation drives up supermarket prices.


Maybe you will stop doing your weekly ritual fat sods and stop over- shopping and wasting half of the food you bought?!
Eat less, grow your own veggies.
(1) Mothers to pass on cooking skills to children.
(2) TV cooking competition to see how many
meals can be made from a minimal shopping
(3) Domestic science in all schools.
(4) Show how much food is wasted nationaly.
(5) Encourage kids to grow an edible product in
their garden or backyard.
(6) Teach compost gardening
(7) Teach evaluating the safety of food past the
sell by date.

Stop paying UK farmers not to produce food on their land and leave it fallow for "environmental" reasons. Utter stupidity.Promote self-sufficiency in UK farming.

World food crisis? People don't know what the term means. "Can't get the grain product of choice this week" is not the same as every day being a struggle to feed your family as it is for a billion plus in the developing world.

This 'crisis' expression refers to those in the bloated unhealthy First world (whatever that means) not being able to pig out quite as cheaply, but there is no danger of them losing much diet variety, quality or quantity. We need a reality check.
There is plenty of food in the world. The apparent shortage is due to the rich nations buying, importing and wasting away one third of what they buy. Stop lecturing other nations about their population. The rich nations should stop stuffing themselves, overeating and wasting like John Prescotts of this world. Follow the same rules, regulations and rationing oneself as Britons did during the war years. Serve yourself on the plate what you can eat, cook what can be consumed and buy what can be cooked and eaten and not what is wasted and thrown as garbage.

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