Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Home sweet home

I live in Poland*

Lots of foreigners consider Poland to be a poor communist state with wild beasts on the roads...

And they are bloody right!


1> Poles do not speak foreign languages:

2> Poles never smile, but complain a lot

CBOS poll from end-2008 shows that Poles remain very prone to complaining. Two in three respondents say the sentiment in their personal circle is bad.

'Complaining is an effective strategy of dodging claims and obligations, as well as services. A person who "feels bad," who functions in a "bad world" - poorly functioning public institutions, politicians who cannot be trusted, corrupt public officials - has the right to act individualistically, to avoid paying taxes or refuse to contribute for the public good. Claiming personal achievements harmonises perfectly well with the ritual complaining,' comments Prof Giza-Poleszczuk.

CBOS, 4-10 December, 1,011-strong representative sample

3> Poles are intolerant

4> Poles abuse alkohol

5> Organised crime is part of everyday life

...of course not the entire population.....circa 90% of it..?!

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